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Family Firms May Not Get Passed Along, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

On July 28, 2013, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution published “Family Firms May Not Get Passed Along,” written by cofounding partners, George D. Menden and Lawrence (Larry) H. Freiman.

The article discusses the challenges in passing a family-owned business from generation to generation. Unfortunately, federal (and in some cases, state) estate tax can lead to a fire sale of a family-owned business to raise money to pay estate taxes. As the article explains, the tax is applied to the transfer of a person’s assets at death at a current tax rate of 40 percent of the value of the estate which exceeds a specified exclusion amount (currently $5.25 million). In addition, the estate tax may also be applied at each succeeding generation, creating a dire need for family-owned businesses to put in place a solid financial and legal succession plan. Read the full article at, or view as a PDF.

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The article, Estate Planning is Not Just About Death and Taxes: A Formal Estate Plan Can Reduce Uncertainty about Many Aspects of Your Clients’ Futures, starts on page 12.
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