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Atlanta Business Structuring & Risk Management Lawyer

Getting the right start is important for laying the foundation for future success. At MendenFreiman, our business attorneys can guide you in selecting and maintaining the proper entity structure for your business, which is essential for tax and asset protection purposes. Once established, your business must remain in compliance with a myriad of laws governing annual filings, internal documentation of annual meetings and special transactions, and tax filings. In addition, business continuity protection and the potential of disability or death of the owners and the estate planning needs of the owners must also be considered.

MendenFreiman’s business formation services include:

  • Selection of business entity and ownership structure, including Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs)
  • Annual maintenance including preparation and filing of annual reports, preparation of annual meeting minutes and special meeting minutes, and documentation of other important business events
  • Business succession planning, including buy-sell agreements, life insurance and disability planning, and coordination with financial and insurance professionals
  • Split-dollar life insurance agreements
  • Asset protection

If you are striking out on your own, our business lawyers are ready to guide you in making decisions that will affect your business today and down the road. We work closely with our clients to streamline business formation and legal maintenance so that it is manageable, efficient and comprehensive.

Business Risk Management

MendenFreiman also assists business clients with the development of risk management strategies. We will review your current business plan and gain an in-depth understanding of your operations to identify potential sources of risk and then implement strategies to mitigate that risk.

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for many years, working with a MendenFreiman Atlanta business risk lawyer will ensure your business structure is sound and will also help you minimize your exposure to risk.

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