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Atlanta Family & Closely Owned Business Lawyer

For nearly 20 years, MendenFreiman has been a trusted legal advisor for many types of family-owned and closely held businesses. Our business attorneys draw upon a wealth of knowledge and experience in complicated areas of the law including risk management, tax and estate planning to help you achieve your business goals.

Our Atlanta family owned business lawyers routinely guide our closely held business clients in:

  • Entity / Ownership Structuring, including Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs) – Family owned and closely held businesses have special needs to consider from the very moment the business is established. Choosing the ownership structure and executing the right agreements, such as buy/sell agreements, are critical to establishing a business where important decisions of management, control and business succession are made with the best interests of the company and its controlling members in mind.
  • Asset Protection – You are intimately connected to your family-owned or closely held business, and you have invested too much time, energy and money to lose it all to a judgment creditor because of some unforeseen incident. We help you to plan now and take the proper steps to protect what is yours.
  • Corporate Restructuring Transactions – An upcoming transfer, sale or a change in business goals and directions may dictate a restructuring of corporate debt, operations or structure. We provide sound advice and precise technical assistance.
  • Deal-Making, including Mergers and Acquisitions – Whether part of a long-term business plan or due to an unexpected opportunity, we offer the necessary knowledge and skill in business valuation and ownership transactions to provide the strong representation necessary to get the best deal with all contingencies considered and addressed.
  • Due Diligence – Our experienced business lawyers make sure that all the proper steps have been taken prior to executing an agreement, so that you can move with confidence.
  • Contracts and Agreements – We have assisted business owners in negotiating, drafting and reviewing every type of contract and agreement necessary from business start-up through succession or dissolution.
  • Restrictive Covenants – Ensure that property which is important to you is used in the manner in which you intend.
  • Corporate Financing, including Equity Structuring, Equity Incentive Plans, Asset-Based and other Secured Lending – With years of experience in commercial lending transactions, we help you navigate the lending process with your immediate and long-term goals in mind.
  • Intellectual Property. including Trademark Registrations – Protecting a company’s intellectual property can be critical to its success, yet many companies fail to take this important step because it may seem too complex, time-consuming or intimidating. Our experienced attorneys take the mystery away and guide you through the necessary steps.
  • Corporate Governance – Running a successful business requires adopting a formal business structure, and sticking to the rules required of that structure to stay in compliance with laws and regulations. As your outside general counsel, MendenFreiman is here to keep your company on track and in line with the proper corporate governance.
  • Dispute Resolution – Our transactional attorneys draft every document and conduct every transaction with an eye toward preventing disputes, while also protecting client rights in the event a future dispute should arise. Disputes inevitably arise in the course of running a business, and a certain percentage require formal legal intervention to resolve. MendenFreiman works to resolve disputes swiftly and effectively, always with your rights and best interest foremost in mind.
  • Bylaws, Partnership Agreements and Operating Agreements – The experienced entity formation attorneys at MendenFreiman draft the right combination of documents and legal instruments to help company owners operate their business according to their wishes regarding important issues such as management, control, transfer and succession.
  • Subchapter S Business and Tax Planning – Many family-owned and closely held businesses qualify to elect subchapter S status when forming a corporation, escaping the double taxation consequences of a C corp. We provide advice and assistance to help you make smart choices for your business.
  • Business Succession Planning – While important for any business, succession planning is key for family-owned and closely held businesses, where the business is closely tied to the family’s identity and financial security. We guide you through the maze of options, including buy/sell agreements, capital restructuring, Family Limited partnerships, multi-generation transfers and more, to find the solution that best meets your needs.
  • Purchase and Sale of Commercial Real Property – MendenFreiman has a robust commercial real estate practice that can assist you with every aspect of your real property transaction.
  • Non-Qualified Benefit Plans – Key executives in family-owned and closely held businesses may benefit from bonus plans and deferred compensation plans that fall outside of ERISA. We help you plan for retirement in the ways that make the most sense for you and your company.
  • Commercial Transactions – Make sure your rights and interests are protected in any commercial transaction. Get advice and representation from experienced business law attorneys with special expertise representing family-owned and closely held businesses.

Make the Most of Your Family-Owned or Closely Held Business

Whether you are just starting out or are ready to explore succession planning or estate planning strategies, MendenFreiman can guide you. We are experienced with the unique dynamics found within many family-owned businesses and can provide strategies for handling matters that may impact the health of the business both today and in the future.

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