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MendenFreiman Attorneys Discuss IRS Collection Process on Wealth Matters Radio Show

MendenFreiman attorney Jeffrey H. Kess was recently guest to the Wealth Matters radio show hosted by Gaslowitz Frankel.

No matter how much you protest, there is no avoiding the inevitability of taxes. When you fail to file or pay your taxes, you can count on the fact that the IRS will come to collect sooner or later. The IRS Collections Office will not hesitate to put a lien on your home, garnish your wages, or take similar actions to recoup their losses. It may take years, but there is a high likelihood that the IRS will collect. It is best to avoid allowing your tax debt to get out of hand and take action before the IRS starts sending you notifications. However, surprise life expenses, like medical bills, divorce, and job loss, can often cripple the typical American family’s finances—resulting in delinquent taxes. As stressful as the situation may be, there are still solutions and ways to resolve your current position with the IRS.

If you owe taxes to the IRS, this broadcast will help you understand the agency’s collection process.

Listen to the show here: https://businessradiox.com/podcast/wealthmatters/gaslowitz-frankel-42/

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